ACME Packaging is equipped with highly sophisticated machinery, maintained and operated by trained and well experienced technical staff. Therefore, our final products are renowned world-wide for quality as well as better performance and shelf appeal. Stated below is the comprehensive list of our processes and manufacturing capabilities.
At ACME, we have an extensive in-house specialist graphic design setup where new designs and artwork can be developed. Our highly intellectual Graphics Designers take care of the customer design and its appearance from start till its finalization, allowing our customers the ease to develop or alter the artworks as per their requirements. We also provide consultation to our clients regarding their design and manufacturing of gravure cylinders and flexographic plates, providing any required changes in the artwork where necessary to enhance their look and at the same time save on development and printing costs. This setup enables us to provide the fastest turn around and shortest lead time in the industry across the region and worldwide. This facility is usually provided free of charge to our customers upon the finalization of their orders, and care is taken at each stage to ensure that the finished product is matching with the customer's specifications and color scheme.
Extrusion is a high volume manufacturing process which converts the raw material into continuous films of various thickness up to 150 microns and widths up to 1250 mm. At ACME we got 2 layer and 3 layer extrudes which can be used to blend different material to extrude polythene films of required structure and barrier properties to suite the products to be packed.
Our aluminum rolling mill can roll down aluminum foils to very thin Gauges as per packaging requirements. This facility ensures fresh raw material for our printing and laminating jobs and thereby the quality of our end products. With this facility we are privileged to standardize and minimize our inventory holding cost. Hence our packaging prices are very competitive.
We got a state of the art lid manufacturing facility which can produce printed and unprinted lids with sealable coatings to match customer requirements.
Lamination is the technique of manufacturing a material in multiple layers, so that the composite material achieves improved strength, stability, appearance or other properties from the use of differing materials. At ACME, we have the ability to produce Solvent-Base and Solvent-less laminates for packaging materials. Heat-Seal can also be applied at the same process. Our Solvent less and Solvent Based Lamination machines from Europe use the high quality adhesives to offer strong laminates. The machines are capable of Laminating various substrates like BOPP/Metalized CPP, Al foil /LLDPE, Met PET/PE, PET/PE, Al foil/Paper etc. Advanced technology in this process applied results in a high barrier and superior finish, giving enhanced shelf life.
Roll slitting, also known as log slitting or rewind slitting, is a shearing operation that cuts a large roll of material into narrower rolls. These slitting machines also have Precise winding and tension control system, and is suitable for films, papers and laminates.
This is usually the last stage of film manufacturing process, whereby the rolls are passed through a doctoring system to check for any printing or other defects on the face on the film. This is also used to precisely wind the roll as per the customer specification or to alter the tension in rolls. At ACME, we have state of the art winding and rewinding machines in order to inspect the films and laminates for any defects, ensuring correction of errors at the very beginning helping us to deliver high quality packaging material which is defect free.
Specialize for Aluminium Foil Printing
At ACME, we employ high class Rotogravure Printers which can print up to 8 colors. The machines offer products of high quality print and our versatility allows precision printing to ensure immense Brand Visibility. We also have an In-house ink blending and shade matching system, using state of the art technology at our production site to ensure color matching and design profiles to be 100% defect free. We are capable of printing on Polyethylene, Polypropylene, Polyester, Pearlized Polypropylene and on Aluminum Foils.
Specialize for Aluminium Foil Printing
At ACME we also employ high class Flexographic presses, which also can print up to 8 colors. With this facility we can offer economical solutions to the low end customers, for their low volume orders at very competitive prices.
Bag Making is a process which transforms the flexible films into different types and shapes of bags. Our main capabilities are: 
  • Center-seal Bags & pouches
  • Courier type Bags
  • Flyers and security bags
  • 2-side seal Bags
  • U-Shaped, Banana and Die-Cut Handles for shopping bags
Our range of machines is versatile and they can be adopted to make any type of bags wanted by the customers.
We maintain our ACME factories at a high level of quality and hygienic standards necessary for the packaging of Confectionery,Pharmaceuticals,Dairy,Food and Beverage etc...
We possess ISO 9001-2008 for Quality Management Systems and ISO 22000-2005 for Food Safety Management System certificates.